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Obstructive Sleep Apnea is fairly common, but very serious condition.  When a person with this syndrome falls asleep, the airway collapses and disrupts normal breathing patterns.  During this time, the person's oxygen saturation may fall below normal levels, which in turn sends a trigger to the brain to wake up. In order to wake the person up, a surge of adrenaline is rushed to the heart, causing it to speed up.  

Medical conditions include:


Congestive Heart Failure

Heart Attack




North Houston Sleep Center has a 4 Star Hotel style setup.  Patient's will enjoy the privacy of their own room with an on suite restroom.  See our patient testimonial video to view the location!

DOT Home Sleep Tests


Texas DOT requires most truckers to take a Home Sleep Test in order to continue driving.  North Houston Sleep Center has an easy process:

1. Send your Doctor order via fax to 800-593-0002. If you need to see a Doctor give us a call, we can help!

2. North Houston Sleep Center will contact the patient within 1 hour of the fax to confirm information

3. The Home Sleep Test will be shipped same day via UPS unless the patient choses to pick up from our location

4. Once the patient completes his/her study, they can return by dropping off at any UPS location or dropbox with a prepaid tag

5. Results will be sent to the physician within 24 hours of receipt of the home sleep unit

6. North Houston Sleep Center will notify the patient once the results have been sent to the referring physician

Getting good quality sleep is very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying awake on the road.

Routine and Ambulatory EEGs


An EEG is used to evaluate several types of brain disorders.  When epilepsy is present, seizure activity will appear as rapid spiking waves on the EEG.  

The test can also be used to diagnose other disorders that influence brain activity, such as Alzheimer's disease, certain psychoses, and a sleep disorder called narcolepsy.

Indications for an EEG:


Memory Loss (Short or Long Term)

Head Injury



Migraine or Persistent Headaches


Evaluate Periods of Unconsciousness

Call North Houston Sleep Center today if you have any of the above indications.  We can direct you to the right type of Physician.


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